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        For millions of workers across America, it’s not how busy they are at work that counts, but how busy they look.  Now workers all over the country are turning to America’s first and only Looking Busy coach, Jay Schorr, to learn how to waste an employee’s worst enemy – TIME.


        “The average American worker spends only 5-1/2 hours of an eight-hour day actually doing work.  That leaves 2-1/2 hours a day – or 12-1/2 hours a week! – to look busy,” says Schorr.  “What you do with those 12-1/2 hours can mean the difference between your bottom line and the unemployment line.”


        Schorr is in high demand at corporations across the country, both by employees who want to learn how to Look Busy without raising their bosses’ suspicions and by management who want to know how to identify Looking Busy behavior.  He also is writing a new book to codify his Looking Busy techniques, Looking Busy – 50 Ways to Look Busy at Work Even When You’re Not, illustrated by Pulitzer Prize-winning author editorial cartoonist, Jim Morin.


        “I’ve been looking busy at work for more than 15 years, and I’m but one of the millions of non-productive workers who have forsaken the toil and drudgery of the workday in favor of a Looking Busy lifestyle,” said Schorr.  “But there are millions more waiting to come out of the Looking Busy closet. That’s why I’ve endeavored to knock down the closet door by mentoring Looking Busy students and writing, 50 Ways to Look Busy at Work Even When You’re Not.”



From looking busy using an office telephone to shuffling papers on a
desk, and from pensive doodling to more advanced maneuvers such as copy
machine diversions Schorr covers all the bases.  Schorr teaches workers to
look busy using common office supplies, office equipment, old crumpled
paper and even a Styrofoam cup.  He also teaches workers how to read a
steamy novel or listen to their favorite music on their iPods right under their
bosses’ noses – and be commended for doing so!



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Our Looking Busy coach is available to facilitate on-site workshops!  For information regarding fees and availability, please email us with your name, location at which you'd like to hold the seminar, preferred dates and approximate number of attendees. 




        Looking Busy techniques feature time-killing favorites with applications for every work environment including:  clerical, administrative, blue-collar, managerial, corporate, individual and group settings.


        “Looking Busy will be an invaluable guide and reference tool for American workers… and their bosses.  But remember:  There’s only one way to look busy when you’re not – you’ve got to work at it,” said Schorr.






Special Features


Looking Busy – 50 Ways to Look Busy at Work Even When You’re Not will include an array of fun-filled, informative features to help workers master the art – and science – of Looking Busy.


  1. Interviews with hundreds of workers who reveal their time-tested secrets to Looking Busy.
  2. An easy-to-follow, step-by-step pictorial – illustrated by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, Jim Morin.
  3. A practice and exercise regimen to help workers master the moves they’ll need to look busy even in the slowest times.
  4. A special section on the Looking Busy website.  The website will feature streaming video and audio library from which workers can select hundreds of Looking Busy topics.  Workers also will be able to download and print-out Looking Busy forms and other materials to help make their job of Looking Busy a breeze.
  5. A special section on Looking Busy on a Budget in which workers are taught how to productively waste time at little or no cost to them.
  6. A chapter that shows workers how to put together their own Looking Busy Survival Kit.
  7. A primer to on dressing to look busy:  The Looking Busy Ensemble.
  8. A list of the top 25 Looking Busy professions.
  9. The Looking Busy Store – Where to get everything you need to look busy.
  10. Looking Busy reader suggestion forms.
  11. A primer on how to conduct Looking Busy corporate seminars for workers and bosses.



Looking Busy Techniques


    1.  Pensive Doodling Maneuver       14. The 'I'm Not At My Desk But You Can Guess Where I Am' Technique

    2.  The Sweat Shop                        15. The Stick-Up

    3.  The Tangled Web                      16. Road Kill

    4.  The Pick-Up Line                      17. The Smoking Gun

    5.  The Brush-Off                           18. Brown-noser Nod

    6.  Desktop Shuffle                         19. In Top Form

    7. The Phantom Buzz                       20. Drop Your Drawers

    8. Sick And Tired                            21. Something Smells Fishy

    9. In By Ate                                     22. Walking Papers

    10. The Red-Eye                             23. Out-of-Order

    11. The Code Affair                         24. Blue Plate/Blue Collar Special

    12. Cold And Calculating                 25. Sound Ideas:  The Looking Busy Sound Effects Library

    13. The Nail File




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